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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Let's Help the People in Texas. Here how you can help with Avon!


This is a serious blog for a minute. I am writing this post to be able to help others. As you know the people of Texas underwent a Hurricane that destroyed homes. There are people who don't have essential items as well as homes. Some even lost their lives. There are so many organizations out there helping and here is me writing this to do my part.

Most of you know I sell Avon. Avon has done something wondering in turn to help the victims of the hurricane and I just wanted to share this with you. Please also feel free to share this with everyone!

On my Avon site , Avon has given you two options to help the hurricane Harvey victims. One is you can do a donation in any amount and the other is for $10 you can send a bundle of essential daily items to help those in need. Now the bundle are random but they are personal care and home essential items that families will get. You can do this straight from my site . I am planning to participate by devoting my current campaign towards gathering donation to order bundles to those in need. If you are able to do so please go to the site has a link you can click to go help those in need.

If your not able to personally send items this is a great way to do so. I do not make an earning with these bundles but I wanted to do my part and focus on helping other.

Please take the time to do so. and thank so much.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

I am back to blog writing

I am sorry for the lack of posting on here but I have so many things  I would like to write about. I am still doing my avon , you can shop 24/7 at

I also am apart of a few more direct selling companies ( which I will post more about each in separate post).  I will post more about them and why I decided to join them.

Back to avon I will be posting more avon posts as well. I miss writing on here and posting about deals and other things that has been going on. Since this blog is going to be short I will write more longer blogs next time