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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Become a Avon Rep Today

This post is only for people that are interested or considered becoming an avon rep.

So If your not interested in becoming a rep you dont have to read but you can pass this post along to someone who you think may or are interested. 

Welcome to those who stayed! I am sure you have alot of questions going on in your head about avon? First let me say yes you can make money selling for this company. I am going to give you the real deal as I learn since joining this company. Building up a business takes hard work. Yes you can work Avon around your busy life and family. You can either earn as an extra income or completely supplement and income that decision is up to you. Are you really motivated to work hard on building your business? A Business takes time and work but Avon have plenty of help from me and other reps that take the time to help newer reps with tips and ways to build your business. Also Avon has online training you can take in your spare time (I also suggest this) that you can do because it has alot of helpful info in there as well!

Still interested well good Let keep going! Yes its $15 to joGreat price but avon does have other good offers for new reps that really wanting to get their business going (bundles that do cost more but can also help in getting more customers)  that is up to you if you want to do it or not. Avon has samples and books you can pass along to friends and families to help you on your way. Also dont for get you have  coworkers, people at your children's school, church and many other places you go to that you can pass out your avon too. 

Many ways to earn. Yest there are many way to earn than you placing orders and getting online orders. Alot of reps get into leardership and Fundraising . Avon has alot of info on that if your interested. I suggest if you sign up to be a rep you may want to read it before making a final decision on jumping into it. Leadership is a good way to help newer reps and building a team is great way to earn plus the benefit of helping someone get their start into Avon is always a wonderful thing.

Can men join avon? Yes this company is for men and women. I must admit alot of our best sellers are men.Yes this is true alot of men sell avon and are just as good as women doing it. Men dont get discourage. 

Support along the way. Avon is always about helping people as well as reps like myself here every step of the way to get you going in your business even when road blocks get in the way. There are many people and also online on avon that can help you if you get stucked.

Earning! Everyone always ask this. You can ear 20 to 50% earning. Everyone earnings wont be the same but it depend on how hard your going out there to work your business. Pass out books and samples plus social media sites and much more to get people to knowing about you and you business.

So with all this reading and your still interested well there are more than one way to join. First click and go to either opportunity or believe in your success. follow the steps and you can be  earning today. you can also go to and use reference code SCWILLIAMS   If you live in the saint louis, mo area we can meet up and i can help you step by step in signing up. I do offer try it kit where you can give avon a try for free and if you collect over $100 in sale not only can we sign you up but you can put in your first $100 sales. 

I hope this info cleared some questions you made have if you have more please feel free to email me at  anytime and i will be able to answer questions as well as help you in the signing up process. Thanks for taking time to reading this blog. Have a great day.
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