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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Go bold or go home!?!?

I am all about trying new looks. Going bold is something really out od my comfort zone but lately i been stepping out and going bold. So i ordered both of these products to try and here is my dual review.

First i will start with the big and daring mascara. I have to say i wasnt expecting to love it as much as i do. My lashes are longer and it curves so i dont really use my eyelash curler that much anymore and also last all day even in the hot sun. My lashes look natural and longer. I been using it for over a month.  I love the curve wand and the bristles that help my lashes look out there and bold. Will post a pic of myself.

The ulta bold lipstick has many colors to choose from i got pink punh anf ruby shock. I really went out.of my comfort zone cause im usually a neutral color kind of women but i do love the color against my skin and how pigmented it is. I use the ultra glazewear to pair the colors to add the shine to it. It makes it pop if your all aboit changing your look and going bold try this and you will be it.

You.can find these and any.other bold look at

All.September order will be enter in a raffle bundle gift from me.

Thanks for reading and seen you in the next blog.