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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Mascara lovers unite!

I dont know about you but i am a big mascara lover. Picture posted are two of my most used mascaras from avon. Both provide great volume and last all day. I am always on the hunt for some volume mascaras and im always looking for volume mascaras to review.  My most favorite is the avon infinitize mascara.  The wand is something i always look for in a mascara and it provides volume and makes my lashes look long and natural.  The areo volume mascara wand is like thr traditional wand you see in most mascara brands but it still is great in volume and another product that last all day. Even on hot day i dont worry about  my mascara running out on me.

I know  you probably think in being bias because i sell avon but i buy and test out products and review them because i want my customers to know i care and im am not going to sell them just anything.

To see these products and more just go to my site at

Im blogging from my phone so this is going to get use to but if it helps me to remind myself to blog more and keep you all updated then i will.

Thanks for reading. More reviews to come. Have a great weekend.

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