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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Avon's BB Cream Product Review!

It's me writing a product review!  I been wanting to write for a couple of weeks but I wanted to test out product a little longer to give a good review on it so keep reading and enjoy!

I been curious about BB creams since it was introduced and I been wondering if it was good product to use and how was my skin going to react to it and would it do what it proven to do so I ordered one from avon (you know im a rep so i got it to try).

At first I was wondering it I gotten my correct shade ( I am medium deep in avon's brand) but it turned out I did and I am glad I gave it a try.

Good points:
I been using it as a foundation now! I dont really use foundation as I use to.
Great coverage as well (since my acne  and scaring it cleared alot I am able to get more foundation or BB cream coverage to look flawless).
Make my skin look flawless plus spf is also protecting my skin in the sun!

Bad point
Tube wasnt as big as I thought it would be but you dont need alot of BB cream to cover your skin so it kind of a good point as well!

I gotta say using it the past few weeks I do see a difference in my skin it looking more clearer , flawless and more healthier and I am loving it! I know what your thinking! Well two things you may be on your mind!
Well your an avon rep your going to say it to sell it! Not true I do reviews on avon products to give you an in depth insight on our products I dont say anything to get a sale.  I am all about being honest to everyone! You may be thinking it may not work for me?  Well BB creams are for all skin types I still suggest getting a skin care routine along with using BB cream so you can actually see if its really working but you will be glad you gave it a try :).

So my small but good opinion and review but for more info about avon's BB Cream please go to
also will be uploading my youtube review as well tomorrow so be sure to subscribe

I am glad you read my blog and if your not subscribe to my blog be sure to do so! I got so many ideas planned and cant wait to get started! Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

happy new year!

Sorry for lack of posting but new year and changes are going to be made for my blog and it will require for me to post more so yay for more blogs!

Anyone doing New Years resolutions? I made mine goals instead cause I can focus more on completing my goals than resolutions

Tell me some of yours goals for new year?

for me it going to blog more , plan out my blogs and youtube videos and work on my avon and build my avon team! Plus enjoy some me time in between my days off work and when I am not doing avon :)

So More blogs to come I promise to do more blogs in 2014 :)

happy new year!