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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!!

From my family to yours i want to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Enjoy family time and remember the real reason for this day.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Happy holidays everyone!

I first wanted to wish you all a happy holidays!  I hope you are spending time enjoying family and time with friends. 

It's important to spend time with love ones. See i recently lost a love one and i do my best to stay in contact with the people close to my heart.

Are you still holiday shopping.  Well for me i am currently doing so. I have a few gifts but i haven't gotten. I am currently working on getting items from my avon site.

Hey there are some great deals I want to take advantage of before going down my list of places i want to shop.

This is my first stop but i think you should if your still shopping or looking for.last.minute gifts. Avon has deals of the days as well as free gifts and shipping. Just something to consider while your shopping cause i know i am.

Check it out at

I am offering raffle entries to win a bundle Christmas gift from me!!

Happy holidays

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Go bold or go home!?!?

I am all about trying new looks. Going bold is something really out od my comfort zone but lately i been stepping out and going bold. So i ordered both of these products to try and here is my dual review.

First i will start with the big and daring mascara. I have to say i wasnt expecting to love it as much as i do. My lashes are longer and it curves so i dont really use my eyelash curler that much anymore and also last all day even in the hot sun. My lashes look natural and longer. I been using it for over a month.  I love the curve wand and the bristles that help my lashes look out there and bold. Will post a pic of myself.

The ulta bold lipstick has many colors to choose from i got pink punh anf ruby shock. I really went out.of my comfort zone cause im usually a neutral color kind of women but i do love the color against my skin and how pigmented it is. I use the ultra glazewear to pair the colors to add the shine to it. It makes it pop if your all aboit changing your look and going bold try this and you will be it.

You.can find these and any.other bold look at

All.September order will be enter in a raffle bundle gift from me.

Thanks for reading and seen you in the next blog.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dark Circle Corrector

I don't  know about you but having dark circles is a no no in my book.  Though i was in early stages of mine, i felt that getting it before it gotten worse was the way to go. So the product i am reviewing is the Dark Circle Corrector from Avon.

When i first saw this product i wasn't sure if it could do the job but i had to try it. Since im all about skincare and helping to make look and feel great i decided to give it a try.

It an easy to apply applicator and you use it twice a day. I use it first thing in the morning and before bed after my skincare routine of course.

Though i had little dark circles i notice they are.clearing and improving with each usage. I notice the difference after two weeks of using and i still use this product today.

I gotta say it a product i added routine to prevent anymore dark circles and because of that i dont use a concealer in my makeup routine.  I know im shocked but im glad i open myself to try this product and not just for a review but for myself and i will continue to use it.

As for you i believe that the only true way for you to know if it works for you is to try it. There is a money back guarantee. Avon stands by its products and if your not satisfied yoy can get your money back.

I must say that the product results may vary.

If your interested in learning.morenor wanting to buy you can go to

I am loving that i can blog again but loving i can do it from my phone since im not always on my computer or tablet.  Thanks to everyone reading this it means alot and i will make sure to post more often. Please leave comments and feedback if you want. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Mascara lovers unite!

I dont know about you but i am a big mascara lover. Picture posted are two of my most used mascaras from avon. Both provide great volume and last all day. I am always on the hunt for some volume mascaras and im always looking for volume mascaras to review.  My most favorite is the avon infinitize mascara.  The wand is something i always look for in a mascara and it provides volume and makes my lashes look long and natural.  The areo volume mascara wand is like thr traditional wand you see in most mascara brands but it still is great in volume and another product that last all day. Even on hot day i dont worry about  my mascara running out on me.

I know  you probably think in being bias because i sell avon but i buy and test out products and review them because i want my customers to know i care and im am not going to sell them just anything.

To see these products and more just go to my site at

Im blogging from my phone so this is going to get use to but if it helps me to remind myself to blog more and keep you all updated then i will.

Thanks for reading. More reviews to come. Have a great weekend.

Friday, August 01, 2014

I am back to blogging!!

Did you miss me because I sure miss you all! I know its been a long time and Im sorry! I am planning to do more blogging and youtube!

I got so many reviews I want to do but I am planning and taking my time to do my reviews!

I been busy w/ work I been poor in time management but its am working on making more time to blogging!

So any review your looking forward to me posting or doing a video on ? Comment below! I love feedback!

Also making minor alterations to my blog for upcoming weeks so be on a lookout!

Cant wait to post more! see you in my next blog!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You have what it takes to sell Avon

You have what it takes to sell Avon: It's more than selling beauty. It's earning money by simply making connection and letting your personality shine. Learn more today.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Avon's BB Cream Product Review!

It's me writing a product review!  I been wanting to write for a couple of weeks but I wanted to test out product a little longer to give a good review on it so keep reading and enjoy!

I been curious about BB creams since it was introduced and I been wondering if it was good product to use and how was my skin going to react to it and would it do what it proven to do so I ordered one from avon (you know im a rep so i got it to try).

At first I was wondering it I gotten my correct shade ( I am medium deep in avon's brand) but it turned out I did and I am glad I gave it a try.

Good points:
I been using it as a foundation now! I dont really use foundation as I use to.
Great coverage as well (since my acne  and scaring it cleared alot I am able to get more foundation or BB cream coverage to look flawless).
Make my skin look flawless plus spf is also protecting my skin in the sun!

Bad point
Tube wasnt as big as I thought it would be but you dont need alot of BB cream to cover your skin so it kind of a good point as well!

I gotta say using it the past few weeks I do see a difference in my skin it looking more clearer , flawless and more healthier and I am loving it! I know what your thinking! Well two things you may be on your mind!
Well your an avon rep your going to say it to sell it! Not true I do reviews on avon products to give you an in depth insight on our products I dont say anything to get a sale.  I am all about being honest to everyone! You may be thinking it may not work for me?  Well BB creams are for all skin types I still suggest getting a skin care routine along with using BB cream so you can actually see if its really working but you will be glad you gave it a try :).

So my small but good opinion and review but for more info about avon's BB Cream please go to
also will be uploading my youtube review as well tomorrow so be sure to subscribe

I am glad you read my blog and if your not subscribe to my blog be sure to do so! I got so many ideas planned and cant wait to get started! Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

happy new year!

Sorry for lack of posting but new year and changes are going to be made for my blog and it will require for me to post more so yay for more blogs!

Anyone doing New Years resolutions? I made mine goals instead cause I can focus more on completing my goals than resolutions

Tell me some of yours goals for new year?

for me it going to blog more , plan out my blogs and youtube videos and work on my avon and build my avon team! Plus enjoy some me time in between my days off work and when I am not doing avon :)

So More blogs to come I promise to do more blogs in 2014 :)

happy new year!