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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

On The Dot Pastel Compact!!

Who loves eyeshadows as much as I do? I hope so or this is just awkward moment right now. : /

Anyway I am I am writing about the latest in our on the dot family in case you haven't check out. This is our on the dot pastel compact.

The top picture is the picture taken by a rep who bought it. They are highly pigmented. I love the colors. I haven't been brave enough yet to go do the bold colors like these and the on in our on the dot bold compact. I love wearing the on the dot neutral compact. All are great choices and yes I will be getting the bold and pastels. Think of it this way 9 colors in each and many possibilities of looks you can create. I am thinking win win here. They are great for on the go and quick touch ups (if you need to ) They do last all day. I still use eye primer as well.

Check out the reviews and info for yourself. Dont just take my word on it.check out my mark site. be sure to use code welcome to get free shipping!!! I love sharing free shipping codes if you havent notice. Also there is another code for shipping but I share to those who sign up on my site. just so you know.

Have a great day if its nice out go out and enjoy it, I did and took a long walk.

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