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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Are you ready for the Summer?????

Hey peeps! Today's blog is not a product review but I am curious about those who are reading this. Yes you dont turn around I am talking about you. Are you summer ready? No I dont mean ready for vactions, camps or trips that you have planned. I am talking about protecting your self for the summer. Your skin will thank you later.

My tips for surviving the summer heat.
1.Sunscreen. If your going to be out in the sun I definitely recommend This and Lots of it.The higher the SPF the better. I use Hawaiian Tropic. It moisturize and great protection for when I am out in the sun. I apply every two hours and put on 15 minutes before I go out. (Read the bottle and follow the directions) It helps in preventing skin cancer and aging. I read lot last year and been doing my best to remind myself to put on sunscreen. Trust me just google it.

2. Hat- They are your friend. Putting on a hat helps protect your face. It may not cover all but hey if your going to be out there all day sunscreen and a hat will help.

3.Water- Water is important to drink all year round people!!! It good for your body and it hydrates it on those really hot days. Trust me and drink your water please. I dont want people passing out cause they are dehydrated. Just random thought to help you.

4.Allergies- I know alot of you have them. I do myself. Please stock up ahead of time. This summer is going to be bad for those who have them. Walgreens usually have a sale and if you have their rewards card your saving money on them.

5 Bug repellent - I dont need to go into details on this do I? You know this is important for those Summer Nights. So its good to get them now and out the way.

6.Have fun-  Well this goes without saying. As long as your protecting your skin. Which is important. With so many things going around This little things can help protect your skin. I want everyone to have great skin and looking great cause they protected it with sunscreen and having a hat at times wouldnt be so bad.

just some tips to help out. any other questions please comment below. Also comment below how are you being summer ready?

Have a great night!1
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