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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Stand Back Heels!!

Hey! It's Me Blogging again! Ha ha. I am very excited to write this blog. I must say I have never been much of a girly girl or a shoe fanatic. I blame the company I work for. :)   I mean I am still not a girly girl but I do find myself wanting to get alot of things including these stand back heels and why not have you seen how cute they are?  Check out this picture.
These are sexy and moms out there dont worry you can wear these too cause you deserve it for all the work you do. For other reps who have these say they are comfy. To me I know I will love them cause I love to look tall. Ha ha But Seriously these heels are perfect for girls day, night out (moms you know you need a night out away from the family), you can wear to work or anywhere. I say its nice out why not have the perfect shoe for the occasion!

They are finally online to order. Trust me this was hard to not be able to tell you about it. For $38.00 I say they a re worth it and if you use the code WELCOME you can get free shipping (saving you 5.95). So Do you think your worth it? I say yes you are! check them out at and while your there check out what else is new. I will be posting more about my must have but tell me what do you look for when you shop? I love to learn about you. Also be sure to check out future blogs. I have some great product reviews to write about including with pictures. I hope you all have a great weekend and dont forget to pamper yourself! Enjoy and if you have any questions please post below or email me at  

Happy Weekend!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mark Mag 6!!

Happy friday. I love fridays! Dont you? Preparing for the weekend and for me its also its new mark items coming out today and plus PROMO!!!!

I have to say I love sharing new items and much more. I will talk about my must have in upcoming blogs but lets talk about the promo first. I am doing it first because even though it through today thru monday it is also while supplies last. You can get the total studs bag FREE with a $75 or more order at  no code need and you will get free shipping as well. win win.

I have to say I love that bag a it gotten many reviews. I couldnt help but put the promo first. Now for more great news. I have to show you all the amazing new items. As you read this they will already be on the site that i posted above but i will post again go to  if you dont use the promo code be sure to use code welcome to get free shipping. now for the goodies enjoy and happy weekend!! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Looking for great gift ideas!!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great mother's day! Now I know some of you know people who are graduating school whether it is high school or college. Did you know we have gift ideas for any occasion. We can do birthdays, christmas, anniversary, just cause, valentine's day , girl's day and more. We have plenty to choose from that make great gifts. I can go on and on and some of you know that i can be I think you should check for yourself. there is alot of people getting holiday gift early or shopping ahead for gifts for upcoming events.

You have seen the many pics I posted. Also If you don't have a clue where to start. I am here to help. my contact info is on my site and I will be glad to help you and help you stay in budget. I am available to help any time just email me at

here are some pic ideas but I can help one on one.  check out the great mark items at be sure to use code welcome to get free shipping!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mark Promo Today only!!!

Get the exotic Flair stretch Bracelet for 12.00 only for today!! that is 50% off get it at use code welcome to get free shipping or shop through my current open party when you go to my site and click parties!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

On The Dot Pastel Compact!!

Who loves eyeshadows as much as I do? I hope so or this is just awkward moment right now. : /

Anyway I am I am writing about the latest in our on the dot family in case you haven't check out. This is our on the dot pastel compact.

The top picture is the picture taken by a rep who bought it. They are highly pigmented. I love the colors. I haven't been brave enough yet to go do the bold colors like these and the on in our on the dot bold compact. I love wearing the on the dot neutral compact. All are great choices and yes I will be getting the bold and pastels. Think of it this way 9 colors in each and many possibilities of looks you can create. I am thinking win win here. They are great for on the go and quick touch ups (if you need to ) They do last all day. I still use eye primer as well.

Check out the reviews and info for yourself. Dont just take my word on it.check out my mark site. be sure to use code welcome to get free shipping!!! I love sharing free shipping codes if you havent notice. Also there is another code for shipping but I share to those who sign up on my site. just so you know.

Have a great day if its nice out go out and enjoy it, I did and took a long walk.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas!!

Good Morning!!

We all know that special day is coming up quick! MOTHER'S DAY!! Have you gotten Mom something yet? If not no worries I got your back and I am here to help any way I can. I am going to be posting about great ideas that you get for mom.

Moms are important in our lives. They are nuturing, supportive and understanding and help us grow up to be good respectable people. So moms do need something (more than just one day out of the year) to let her know how special she is and the best part is I am posting affordable items!!

Mark as you all know is the best all around gift idea for the special lady in your life. I love mark and I got my mom hooked on mark so I know what items she loves and I usually get them for her. Mark has jewelry , fashion , accessories and more to help me. There are alot to choose from so my question to you is.. Do you know what she like? 

I ask cause you dont want to get her something she doesnt. Her are pics of items that i think will make great gifts. 

There is much more to choose from online. Trust me Also just for reading I am giving you a free shipping code when you order. Use code WELCOME when checking out to get free shipping on any size order at I am a fan of the bracelets in the top pic :)  If you have questions or need help email me at or tweet me at rekalovesmark

Comment below love to hear your thoughts!!