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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wedges Right In Sandals!!!!

Hey guys, you know one of the best things about spring. SHOES!!! I have never been the one to be a fanatic about shoes , dresses makeup and etc.. until I joined Mark. Now all I do is look up sites where they are cute things, (will be making a blog about it if you like) and expanding my wish list, I mean who haven't did that.

Any way I always loved wedges but I never thought they were for me or they would be to high up for me to walk in. I tried on a pair last year and proved myself wrong. Anyway I am a big big fan of wedges and always looking at the different styles they have out. Of course the first pair I have my eye on are the ones at mark. here is a pic.
So??? What do you think? I think they look great and I can't wait to get these! I heard reviews that they are true to size and also if your a half size to order down and they fit perfectly. I think the main reason I love them is that I can wear them casual or dressed up and the wedge gives me the perfect look I am going for. I can say I am definitely going to love these as much as I loved the ones we had last year and how could I not love them. When I see this pic I think comfy (which is what I go for ) and on trend. I love that Mark is always up on the latest trend at really great prices. I definitely look for items that are worth the price of me getting and these wedges are it!!

 Check these out as well as items in our sale section at be sure to use code MPDOLORESPARTY318 when check out.
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