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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mark Mag 9

Hey everyone

First I just want to say sorry for the way way late posting of mark mag 9 and the lack of writing in here. Im so ashamed. I am organizing myself so i  should be back on track in no time.

 Here are a couple of links you can stay current on if im not posting on here:

Be sure to follow me on twitter. like my fanpage or subscribe to my channel. I try to stay current. Right now I have two open parties going on and trying to win that nyc trip and thats been keeping me little busy.

But you have to check out what new at mark. I am in love with every new product. (you have to see mag 10. they are posted on my fan page hint hint). Here are mag 9 pics. you can go to click parties and shop through one of my open parties..

The eyeshadows are revamped and more pigmented and so many colors to choose from. ( dont forget a palette if you order to put them in.  See whats not to love. If interested in order please go to  *click parties and shop thru one of my open parties*

Also be  sure to register to get weekly updates, promos and more. also learn about how you can host a party and earn a free shopping spree up to 200.00!!!

Again I am sorry for the lack of posting and will be doing more. thanks for reading!!!