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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Good day everyone,
I hope everything is going good with you. I want to say hello to all the new followers on my blog. It means alot that you decided to follow my blog.

Today's blog is about Becoming a Mark Rep. It's a good way to earn extra cash or make it a stay at home job. Well with mark you can do both. I love every moment of being a rep. I love the flexibility I have and I can manage my business the way I would like and it fits in with my schedule.

Are you looking for a part time work? Are you looking to earn so extra cash? Well Mark is the was to go. We have the latest in Beauty and fashion and with the new revamped starter kit will have everything you need and more to get started to making your mark.

I love being apart of a company that so supportive to its reps and helping to and have every tool you need to help you get started. I am also here to help you every step of the way. Also we have a mark rewards system where you can build up your point you get items for free. I mean how cool is that. Earn even more cash by getting parties booked. The picture above is of the new rep starter kit ( the fashion pieces will change quarterly). Are you motivated to make your mark then join today!!

 $250 worth of goodies for $99!
You get ALL this and a FREE eBOUTIQUE when you sign up to become a mark. rep!
*No extra fees!
*Totally flexible, work your own hours with no deadlines or sales quotas!
*Life-time discount 
*Guaranteed commission!

Ready for your bundle?!
Use referral code 06547584 at!

Questions first? My name is Shareka and I'm a rep for the company! Feel free to email me:

Feel free to contact me if interested I am available to help and answer question. Also I am on facebook

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