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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Influenster Product Review:Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I have to say that when I first saw them in my vox box I wasnt sure if I wanted to try them out. I was also curious to see how they were since the last vox box has the kiss nails and they weren't disappointed. So I was eagered to try them out. I have to say first  that I love the style I have which is laced up. Here is the pick of them on my nails posted above. (sorry for the crappy applying but i did fix them after taking the pick)

What I like about them:
They have no dry time and or like real nail polish.
Didnt take too long to apply.
I love the different styles in come in.
easy to use and remove
They last up to 10 days

What I don't like
Depending on the type of nail polish remover (dont use the pads) it took longer to get off.
I couldn't really find the size that fits some of my nails.
I wish they had more than 16 nails in it to replace them.

overall I would give it a B. I think that I would try them again. They werent too bad but I definitely need practice on how to apply them. Now for long lasting . I can say that they do last even for me who is usually rough on her nails. I still would recommend them . Give them a try and see for yourself. I would use them for special occasions for when I just get in the mood where I dont want to use regular nail polish and I just want to do my nails really quick.

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