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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Influenster Product Review: SOYJOY!!!!

I have to say I am always up for a challenge for trying healthy products and snacks. When I received this in my Spring Beauty Vox Box  I wasn't sure if i was going to try it but I was like its no harm in trying. I love blueberries and I always looking for healthy snacks for at home or on the go so I gave it a try. Here is my opinion.

I have to say it was packed with blueberries and it was good. It wasn't dry at all which is good. I don't like it if it was. So I have to say I dont like about it is that it has coconut in it and that I can taste it but overall I love it. I would actually love to try the other flavors that they have.

I would recommend this product but if your allergic to soy or a have a fruit allergy I suggest checking out the ingredients before trying. I love the consistency of flavors and you taste it in every chew. I would definitely have as a snack in the house or for on the go when  I  can't  decided what to eat.

I say go give it a try it gluten free, 0 trans gram fat and contain whole soy. It a health snack for the body. It so good to be it almost like I cheating on getting healthy :). Anyway check out more info on soyjoy here at

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