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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Here is my review of this product. I have to say as a person who doesn't wear heels that often, its good to know that there is a product out there to help when standing in heels for a long time. (I am not being paid to say this ) I got this product for free in my influenster spring beauty vox box and I have to say I was curious about it. I didnt think that it would work. I tried Dr Scholls before with great results. I figure this was too good to be true but when opening and trying them out in my lastest heels that I gotten I have to say this is amazing the comfort I feel when stepping in them and standing up.

Here are the top and side view of my heels with the dr scholl in them. I say ladies go out and try them for yourself you will be glad you did. Now I am ready to go out and enjoy my night without wanting to take my shoes off during the middle of the night.

Overall I give this product a A+. I love the comfort and how it feels when I walk around in them. I am definitely loving my items in my spring beauty vox box. check out dr scholls site at for more info on where to get this awesome product.

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thanks for reading! enjoy your day :)
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