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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Today thanks to influenster I will be doing a product review of  the Bath & Body works fine fragrance mist review. I love that it was a full size product of my favorite out of the signature collection and that was the Japanese Cherry Blossom!!!

First I have to say how can you not like at least one bath and body works products. .I was very excited when I saw this in my vox box. I mean I am a fragrance fanatic!!!  I love everything about this scent. How it last throughout the day. I think of it as a floral scent with hint of fruit.

I am not too great of describing scents but I do my best. I dont know what about this scent is so addicting to me but everytime i go to the store it the first of the scents i have to get. it not a light scent or not a heavy scent either but last and thats why i love it.

its my must have when i get to shop at bath and body. every since i got the whole set for christmas one year its all i been wanting the most.

overall i give it an A. i would recommend when getting items from bath and body to make the scent longer buy the sets.

check out this product and more here
Go out today and get you some of these products. They make great gifts or treat your self to some pampering. I know I will be shopping soon. My bath and body products are getting a little low. It hard to not go in that store in the mall. If you cant get to the mall you can shop 24/7 online.

Thanks influenster for the product to review. If you want to signup go to
great way to try free products and do your own review!!!
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