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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Youtube Beauty Gurus ... Smh

Good morning!
I dont know what to title this but I will come up with something. This is something that has been on my mind. I am not personally attacking anyone here or on youtube. This blog is about people who call themselves youtube gurus.

1. I feel that you yourself personally shouldnt call yourself one. It should be given to you based on your knowledge of products and do it your self home remedies.  I feel that there is alot to it than just calling yourself one.
(By the way I would never call myself one. I dont feel like I am at that point). I believe that there is alot to being a beauty guru that having alot of subbies and doing videos alot.
I also notice that some of the people taking this beauty guru to their heads and thinking that they are better than others cause they are being called that. That is NOT what being a beauty guru is all about.

I am not jealous. I love doing my videos whether I have alot of subbies or not but there is alot of people that let it go to their head that they have a lot of subbies and they HAVE to let you know about it making it seem like they are better than you cause you dont have alot of views. That is so not true.

Here is what I think a True Beauty Guru is:

1. Having knowledge of how remedy of beauty products (for those who are on a budget and cant always go out and but. there are everyday products you have at home that you can whip up and make skincare treatment out of)

2. Taking the time to answer every question. (you dont just play favorite and only answer some and not everyone) even if it doesnt make it to video you can still take the time to help a person out.

3. When doing beauty giveaway dont play favorites ( i notice some are doing that and it seems like the same people are winning as well)

4. A beauty guru never think they are better than others and they always take the time to get to know their subbies on youtube.

I could go on and on about this. It just annoying that SOME of them think people are beneath them and dont  want to help out another person cause they dont have enough subbies or they pick fun and call names. I dont think it right.

I know I get talked about  but it dont bother me cause  I am still going to do videos and I do my videos cause I love it and I love meeting people on youtube.

check out my channel if you have the time.
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