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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mag 5

Tomorrow begins the start of mag 5 ( I will post pics on this blog to give you a preview). I am very excited because it the Hamptons Theme and there are some really great products coming out and I really want to write and share this with you.

I am always excited each time a new mag comes out cause there is always great products with every turn of the page. With this coming mag its like being on a vacation with them and who wouldn't want to go to the hamptons.

I can go on and on about how wonderful mark is and the products but I will let the pics show you as well. I have an open party that you can order from and be entered to winning a free mark product. These products in the pics wont be available until tomorrow!. here is the link where you can order. Also check out whats current at mark as well.  Don't forget to use code welcome to get free shipping. Now on to what you all been waiting for. the hamptons collections pics. enjoy. If you have any questions email me at

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