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Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Sunday! What do you do on this day?

Good Morning lovely people!

It's Sunday which means family time! For some is relaxing before work or pamper time. Sunday are also my pamper time. I usually set time or sometime the whole day to relax and pamper myself. Mark shine fighter oil control facial mask from mark. Pampering the skin is important. It helps it look young and healthy. My next blog will be tips to help improve your skin or tips that would be helpful for your skin.

So here is the question. What do you like to do on Sundays? Do you spend it with family? friends? or just alone? Nothing wrong with it if you spend it alone. I do some of the time.

This blog is a laid back one. I got plenty of ideas coming up for future blogs also some products that I will be reviewing so with that being said if your a company and would like me to do a blog/video review please contact me at

Also If you have a blog request on a mark product or any other products other there please post below or email them to me.  I would be happy to take a look and do a review. thanks for reading.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

check out my youtube channel

Good morning today blog will be a little about my youtube channel.
I make videos about mark, i also do product reviews, diy projects, makeup tutorials and much more.

I am working on a 200 subscriber giveaway so be sure to subsribe if you want to get in on that. also comment so i can check out your channel. i also do video request as well below is a video of mine. check it out. also here is the link as well.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mark Private Sale!

Good Morning lovely People!!

I hope that you are having a good Monday! If not I am hoping that your day will end great! Ok as you from the title that Mark is having a private sale. It only available through us reps.You get these bundle deals (listed on the picture) for a great price though they are valued at more. I believe they are worth it. they make great gifts for birthday, anniversaries, early start on christmas, Mother's day, just cause or a nice thank you gift to someone special. All these are available through me. Right now I am offering free shipping and free gift with purchase! If interested please email me with pay pal info to  also if you have any questions I am available anytime. Just email me. Thanks for reading and have a great and wonderful day. Remember to spend family time together. Every moment is important.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mag 5

Tomorrow begins the start of mag 5 ( I will post pics on this blog to give you a preview). I am very excited because it the Hamptons Theme and there are some really great products coming out and I really want to write and share this with you.

I am always excited each time a new mag comes out cause there is always great products with every turn of the page. With this coming mag its like being on a vacation with them and who wouldn't want to go to the hamptons.

I can go on and on about how wonderful mark is and the products but I will let the pics show you as well. I have an open party that you can order from and be entered to winning a free mark product. These products in the pics wont be available until tomorrow!. here is the link where you can order. Also check out whats current at mark as well.  Don't forget to use code welcome to get free shipping. Now on to what you all been waiting for. the hamptons collections pics. enjoy. If you have any questions email me at

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Youtube Beauty Gurus ... Smh

Good morning!
I dont know what to title this but I will come up with something. This is something that has been on my mind. I am not personally attacking anyone here or on youtube. This blog is about people who call themselves youtube gurus.

1. I feel that you yourself personally shouldnt call yourself one. It should be given to you based on your knowledge of products and do it your self home remedies.  I feel that there is alot to it than just calling yourself one.
(By the way I would never call myself one. I dont feel like I am at that point). I believe that there is alot to being a beauty guru that having alot of subbies and doing videos alot.
I also notice that some of the people taking this beauty guru to their heads and thinking that they are better than others cause they are being called that. That is NOT what being a beauty guru is all about.

I am not jealous. I love doing my videos whether I have alot of subbies or not but there is alot of people that let it go to their head that they have a lot of subbies and they HAVE to let you know about it making it seem like they are better than you cause you dont have alot of views. That is so not true.

Here is what I think a True Beauty Guru is:

1. Having knowledge of how remedy of beauty products (for those who are on a budget and cant always go out and but. there are everyday products you have at home that you can whip up and make skincare treatment out of)

2. Taking the time to answer every question. (you dont just play favorite and only answer some and not everyone) even if it doesnt make it to video you can still take the time to help a person out.

3. When doing beauty giveaway dont play favorites ( i notice some are doing that and it seems like the same people are winning as well)

4. A beauty guru never think they are better than others and they always take the time to get to know their subbies on youtube.

I could go on and on about this. It just annoying that SOME of them think people are beneath them and dont  want to help out another person cause they dont have enough subbies or they pick fun and call names. I dont think it right.

I know I get talked about  but it dont bother me cause  I am still going to do videos and I do my videos cause I love it and I love meeting people on youtube.

check out my channel if you have the time.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Good Morning

I am so sorry for the lack of posting. Alot has been going on. Some are personal goal and some are mark goals. One of my personal goals is that I working out to this great dvd that was recommended to me. It the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Today was day 5. I can say that it is a great workout for people who are serious about losing weight and getting into shape. I honest love challenging myself and I am seeing results. The first three days I was sore. Day 4 I was and was working through it great and today I notice that its getting easy to do. I bought this dvd online at walmart for under 10.

My mark I been helping my hostess earning their own mark shopping spree. Hosting a party online or in personal to help them earn up to 200.00 in free mark products. I mean who doesnt love that. email me for more details if interested

Also I am doing an early start on Mother's day. I created some Pics of some products (I will probably add more later) If your interested in them email me  with subject line Mother's day order. From now til April 30 you will get free shipping. for extra 5.00  i will include a mother's day card, tissue paper and gift bag.  when you email me be sure to include your paypal email so i can invoice you. Below are the items. Enjoy. if you have any questions please email me or comment below.