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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Overall Review Of Influenster

Good morning lovely people I am hoping that you are having a good day so far!

Today's  Blog will be an overall review of what I think about Influenster and the products that I received in the mail.

When I first found out that I was pre selected to be getting the love vox box I was shock and excited cause it made my valentine's day even more special. I made sure I followed the instructions to accepted and waited to the time they said they would to be officially picked. When I was officially picked I was very excited and also curious to know what is was. When the day it came in the mail was the happiest day ever!!

It was like birthday gifts for me being that they did arrive after my birthday! I would say that Influenster was great at keeping us informed every step of the way with the vox box and with everything they have coming this year with the site. I absolutely love them and if you love to test out products and give your opinion of them go to  and sign up.  Also want to let you know  that just because you sign up you dont get a vox box like that you have to earn badges and participate in product review and stay active on you influenster account. They do have upcoming vox boxes so come on everyone join and earn you vox box you will be glad you did.

As for the products I love the ones I got. I will definitely be getting the tea and keeing using my venus razor. I will be buying more chocolates as well. The nails were great on my toes but I will be getting them anyway for my nails for special occassions and using them for tip to the french manicure style nails to add a little flair to them.

The sweetener I would love to keep using for my tea. coffee and maybe switch my sugar out all together (since i dont really use sugar much anyway).

I fell the products and to add them to what I use based on testing them out is so worth being apart of influenster. Also going on the site and reading other people reviews help as well to so dont just take my word on it.

I think I covered everything and I want to personally thank everyone for taking the time to read this and also welcome the new followers who join my blog. I hope you stay there will be more blog post and I have a upcoming giveaway as well. :)
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