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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mark New Hostess program!!!

I am so excited to be writing this blog and as a mark rep I got to let you all in on the great opportunity here is the post below.

I NEED YOUR HELP! I'm looking for someone to help me TEST out mark's new PARTY SYSTEM!! YOU will earn FREE products!!! It's easy and simple to EARN BIG!! Just ask me how!

Don't live near me? No problem! I can send you all the tools you need - just get your friends to shop so you can shop for FREE
I cant do international right now. if you interested in getting in on this amazing deal please email me at with name (first and last), email,  phone (in case i need to call ) the start and end date of your party.

Dont you want to earn a free shopping spree and have mark pay the bill. all you have to do is host and start earning! contact me if you have any questions.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

my first blog giveaway!!!

Good morning while I had the time to write this, I thought that I would do my first blog giveaway. Since there are 11 of you that follow my blog (hoping that more will follow soon) I thought that I would do my first blog giveaway!.

Here is what you will be winning! They are mark sample goodies and I have (cause I am mark rep) and I wanted to share with you since I have plenty and more on the way. Here below are the contents of the prize.

2.mark jewel perfume samples
2. mark celebrate perfume samples
2.night iris mark perfume sample
2. sassy mark perfume samples
1 lemon sugar self sanctuary bath and body sample
1 fair trade bath and body sample
2 thats deep skincare cleanser
2 calming effect skincare cleanser.

Sorry I didnt get a chance to post pics for these but here are the rules to enter.

1.You MUST follow this blog.
2. You must like my fan page  (shareka's mark cosmetics) dont forget to comment with (blog giveaway entry)
3.Comment below once you follow the rules. ( i will be checking)

bonus entry subsribe to my youtube channel  (if you do this be sure to also comment your channel name below)

also provide your email so if you win i can email you.

this giveaway starts today and will end 3/22/12 only one entry per person. winner will be pick radom. org

good luck to everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Truvia Natural Sweetner

i got this in my influenster love vox box and I have to say overall its awesome. I am going to use my coupon and get some from the store tomorrow.

I love how you dont need much to sweeten your tea and with other sugar you need alot to sweeten it. I thinking of replacing my sugar and use truvia for everything.

I personally think that everyone should give this tea a try. here is a pic to find it in you local store cause i know i will be looking.
I use this every time for you tea. i am really considering it for everytime i need to sweeten something up. plus it 0 calorie awesome.

check out their site for more info

thanks for reading and go try it. im going to use it on my tea now bye!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Overall Review Of Influenster

Good morning lovely people I am hoping that you are having a good day so far!

Today's  Blog will be an overall review of what I think about Influenster and the products that I received in the mail.

When I first found out that I was pre selected to be getting the love vox box I was shock and excited cause it made my valentine's day even more special. I made sure I followed the instructions to accepted and waited to the time they said they would to be officially picked. When I was officially picked I was very excited and also curious to know what is was. When the day it came in the mail was the happiest day ever!!

It was like birthday gifts for me being that they did arrive after my birthday! I would say that Influenster was great at keeping us informed every step of the way with the vox box and with everything they have coming this year with the site. I absolutely love them and if you love to test out products and give your opinion of them go to  and sign up.  Also want to let you know  that just because you sign up you dont get a vox box like that you have to earn badges and participate in product review and stay active on you influenster account. They do have upcoming vox boxes so come on everyone join and earn you vox box you will be glad you did.

As for the products I love the ones I got. I will definitely be getting the tea and keeing using my venus razor. I will be buying more chocolates as well. The nails were great on my toes but I will be getting them anyway for my nails for special occassions and using them for tip to the french manicure style nails to add a little flair to them.

The sweetener I would love to keep using for my tea. coffee and maybe switch my sugar out all together (since i dont really use sugar much anyway).

I fell the products and to add them to what I use based on testing them out is so worth being apart of influenster. Also going on the site and reading other people reviews help as well to so dont just take my word on it.

I think I covered everything and I want to personally thank everyone for taking the time to read this and also welcome the new followers who join my blog. I hope you stay there will be more blog post and I have a upcoming giveaway as well. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

Hey here is another Influenster Item from the love vox box I tried out and here is what I think of it.

This product here I want to say two words BUY IT. I mean how can you not buy this. You dont need shaving gel to use it and it makes you leg feel so smooth and moisturize. Can we say LOVE IT! I know I can. I will be going to get the refills for this.

I tried many type of razor since I first started shaving and I never come across anything like this. Its just the right combination to try in a razor. I just love that I dont need shaving gel and that I can use as it. Definitely a plus in my book and a way to say money. I know that the shaving gel isn't that much expensive but hey saving money is saving money. I like it any way.

I tried Venus before and I loved it and I love this one even more. This was the second product from influenster that I tried and I have to say that its worth giving it a try. I mean how can you sit here reading this and say that you dont like it if you havent given it a try. Come on go check it out at your local store. mine her in the picture came with one razor one cartridge and even a shower hook. Can you say Yay I love it!! Well I can and I recommend that you go and try it.

For more info go check out

Well that is all I have to say on that. Be sure to check out next blog with my overall post Influenster experience!

Thanks for reading!!

Mark Promo

Just a quick mark promo I did. I wanted to write before I did my Influenster review. check below and good luck!!

For every $5 dollars spent on my site you will be entered to winning the Nailed It Mini nail Lacquers in Violet Daze and tickled Pink. This promo is good now til 3/16. To Enter place and order on my eboutique here are the codes for free shipping 
use code welcome to get free shipping (one time use) use code Markfs30 for free shipping over $30. good luck and go make your mark! 

Friday, March 09, 2012

Ghirardelli Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion Bar!!

Just typing the title of this blog puts a smile on my face. Hello I hope your a chocolate lover like me! I am really excited to review this product. It also came in my influenster love vox box and I have to say I was in heaven to see that it was picked to be in there.

Just look at the picture so goodness. I always been a huge fan of Ghiradelli Chocolate so I knew that this was going to be good. It was hard to try not to eat all at once. I like Milk Chocolate!!! I eat chocolate at anytime. I dont have to eat it for certain thing. If my birthday cake was make from this I dont believe that I would be sharing it with anyone. I definitely recommend chocolate unless your allergic to it. Enjoy it with that special someone on date night or any special occasion. SO WORTH IT!!!

It Valued at 2.99 and U am sure you can find it at your local store. Check it out and try it you will be in love with it as much as I am.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my final product review. Also there will be a final overall review on Influenster!! Have a great day and start of a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress-Fashion That Sticks

Today's review from my influenster love vox box is The Kiss Nail Dress- Fashion That Sticks

This is going to be my Honest review. I have to say I am not big on animal print but The colors on these nails were pretty cute. They can be use on toes as well. I must say if you going to use this product make sure your following the directions or they wont have a great outcome.

It a quick nail look in time where you dont have the time to sit and do your nails.
They are very affordable
They dont take too long to put on.
They have plenty of styles to choose from
Great for going out on a date, girls night or any special occasion.
They last up to ten days

They didnt last long on my nails.
Most of the nails didnt fit my nails

Overall the pros win. I would definitely use them for date night and special occasion. I would definitely but them. I just use to painting my nails but I would definitely up for the challenge of trying again. I definitely check your local walgreens or go to on the different type of nails or more info about these nails. They are great and fun to try!!

Thanks for reading my review. I hope you follow my blog and have a nice day.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Stash Tea & Truvia Natural Sweetener

Today review is a combination cause I use them both at the same time twice and I was excited to come and tell you my opinion on them so sit back and relax lets do this. This is my honest opinion and no one paid me to do this.

When I first got the items from my influenster love vox box I was excited cause this is my first time trying out products from them and I was ready to get started. I didnt know which one to try first but the box of tea kept staring at me saying try me try me you know you want to so I gave in and did.

The stash tea box came in 9 flavors. I try the acai berry first and when I first open the package I love the smell and after brewing it I put in the truvia natural sweetener (which I usually dont put sweetener in my tea but I wanted to give it a try). I took that first sip and I was in love. I rarely find teas that are true to the taste and flavor. I am a big tea drinker and I am always looking for teas try and I can honestly say that I love it. I also tried the peppermint and chamomile tea and with the peppermint tea I love how minty it was which when I have been searching for tea I can never find once that is that minty. I definitely will be buying tea from stash again. you can go to to find it in your local store. I know that is what I am going to do.

The Truvia Natural Sweetener was what I put in the tea. Like I mention before I do not normally put in sweetener in my tea but I was wanting to try it cause I was thinking about switching to a natural sweetener.  Its a zero calorie sweetener and  has natural sweetness. I took one pack cause I already knew that with sweeteners you dont need as much like sugar to make it sweet and I put it in my tea I love it. It didnt make it too sweet. It made the tea taste even better ( though there will be times I will drink it without sweetener. Old habits :) ) I would like to say that I will be trying to get the full size product as well. In case I decide to use it for my tea.

I havent decided if I am going to cut out my sugar and switch to this completely but I am going to finish up my samples that I have before making that final decision. If you want to learn more about Truvia go to theit facebook page at

Ok I hope your enjoy my review on both of these products and go check out their sites for more info. Thanks for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Influenster Love Vox Box

I am so excited to be writing this. Though I wish I also did a video on it but Hopefully soon. Okay as you can tell below in the pic I got some really great goodies. I went to this site called and I sign up  (free to join). It a really cool site where you can earn bagdes for different things like health, mom to be, bride to be and more and you can earn up to a free vox box.

When I sign up I miss out on the holiday Vox Box. I was bummed but I lucked out and got selected for the Love vox box Influenster did for valentines day. I was excited as I am to write this of being picked and I can't wait to test out the products for you. I will be posting individual blog post and letting you know what I think of each of them. This is my first vox box. So let me tell you exactly whats in them.

1.Gillette Venus & Olay Razor  ( values at 8.99-10.99)
2.Kiss Nail Dress-Fashion that sticks (valued at 6.99)
3. Stash Tea Herbal Tea Sampler (valued at 3.50)
4.Ghiradelli Gourmet Milk Creamy Devotion Bar (valued at 2.99)
5. Truvia Natural Sweetener (valued at 3.99)

Five amazing products free of charge thanks to Influenster. If you have signed up I suggest you do so. They have alot of great boxes coming this year and I can't wait to do another one.. I am a chocolate fan so I know that one will be great. I know they all will and who knows after testing them I will be hooked and switch my products.

Go check out what infuenster has and sign up for it.  you will be glad you did.

Thanks for reading my blog. More Influenster Blogs coming up!!

Monday, March 05, 2012


Sorry everyone and Good morning!!

I want to again say sorry for the lack of posting . It wasn't my intention to do so but my other computer I usually worked on is not working right and I am currently using my old one until I get a new one. So I little bummed but hey at least I got one of them that does work.

Okay I am going to be doing a giveaway on here soon especially since i dont think I can do a youtube video being that this computer dont have webcam so stay tune. I am hoping to announce it this week being that I have to finish the till details to that.

I just wanted to let you all know I doing okay and thanks for still following this blog.!!