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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mark Trend Insider

Good Morning

I would like to talk to you all today about the Mark Trend Insider. Trend Insider are available to us Rep as a preview of what’s to come and us Rep can buy the items before they are available to the public. For customer it is a chance to get them early as well. For reps it is a chance to try out and promote when before and when it come available.

I love being able to see products before they actually come out and I haven’t seen a product that I don’t like but it is fun to know what come out and be able to pick out products that would be perfect for customer.

I will attached some current trend insider pics and if your interested in please feel free to contact me. Also if your interested in my current discounts and deal please email me at 

I am really working on doing much longer blogs. If you have blog suggestions please email them to me and you never know it could be a featured blog. Well enjoy your day!!!

Shareka Williams
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