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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Good Morning!!

I am excited to mention this to you all. As you know Prom season is coming up and it is an exciting time for me. It’s a way to make my mark in the world.

I giving makeup consultation (free of charge). I meet up with the young lady. See what her dress is and what kind of look she is going for then recommend products. Then from there we will work on price and I will begin to plan her date and time to do her makeup for her prom. I believe that she will keep the products in return. 

These are some brainstorming ideas that I came up with to help spread my business plus I would love to make my way in the makeup artist world though I am not a professional.

I also have a class that I am starting for beginners that need help in getting starting. I think that helping them in person rather than youtube all the time is better. If you interested in learning more about the class and in the Saint Louis, Missouri area them comment below or email me at for more info on how to get it.

It not too expensive only $12 for two hours and you leave with sample and info to help get you started.

More details on that another time. It going to be prom season and time to either help with makeovers or offer great products package at affordable prices. I can’t wait.

Shareka Williams
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