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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Good Morning!!!

It’s going to be a great day!!!  I like keeping myself in a good mood. Today  I would like to talk about primers. Primers are good to have cause they keep your makeup on all day.  I love them especially eye primer cause it shows my eye shadows true color and last through out the whole day which I love. Below is the primers mark have and they are the ones I currently use.

Please hold the eye primer. I use this in every youtube tutorial and when I do my makeup for fun. I love how it enhances my look and I know that I protecting my look to last longer. Using primer was the best choice I made and mark primers are very affordable. 

Primed to perfection is our face primer. It is great at holding up the foundation , and blush that you put on. Definitely long lasting as well. I would say that they both are a must have to keep. 

If you never been using  primer before your missing out. I really suggest that you have primer to set your makeup up right.

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Shareka Williams
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