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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preparing and planning for Valentines day!!

Hello Lovely people!!!!

You know what time of the year it is? Preparing and planning for Valentines day!! Do you plan you romantic day early or do you wait til the last minute to plan? What kind of things you like do do?

If your short on cash or have a certain budget your trying to attain well keep reading. I have some ideas that may help say some cash or stay on the budget that your looking for

Disclaimer: these are my opinions and ideas. Suggestions that if you don’t know what to do could help you get some idea.

Whether your doing a special night out or at home you can still make it affordable. I suggest that is you going to go out check out the local restaurants that are offering good deals and book early cause places like that fill up quick around that time of year. Make sure it on the budget. Also make sure they got good reviews. You don’t want to go to a place and the foods not up to the expectations.

If you stay at home you can make it creative. You can got get nice candle (at a dollar store. Trust me they are just as good). Find a easy to make recipe online (Betty crocker is good) to look like you went to the expense place. You can make it worth having the night in. You can make a nice simple meal too that way you can have time to put on that sexy outfit and makeup.

Guys (if there are some reading this) you can make a nice meal and romantic movie. Don’t leave it up to the women to do all the work. You can surprise her with her favorite activity or meal. Whatever you want to do to make it special.

I would say that it comes with the day. You don’t necessarily have to but some people require it to happen. I would say generate a list so that your not guessing and getting the wrong thing and ruining a good night. Ladies usually hint around before time of what they would like. Guys usually are hard but ladies find a why to get what the guy would like. Guys be on the look out for any signs of what she may or may not like. Don’t pick anything you would like unless your going to Victoria Secret but make sure she would enjoy it too. Don’t be selfish now. Ladies don’t just pick anything. Pick something that is meaningful and would be something he wont just break later on. Most women love bath and body things if you don’t want to go to the actually place check out my mark site. We got good products and reasonable prices (  Simple card will do too. Make sure it meaningful people. That is important.

That’s important. You don’t want to look like anything. You also don’t have to dress in the Valentine’s colors either. I don’t know about you but it can be annoying. You don’t have to color code and dress the same. Keep it simple. If it’s a cold night guy wear something that requires a jacket so you can do the gentlemen thing at the end of the date. Ladies you don’t have to wear less to impress. Cover yourself up. Its okay to show a little bit but you don’t have to give them the whole show. There are plenty of sexy looks out there that will drive him wild. My mark site, ,   I know that have some really great dresses that would be hot to wear for you special night out. 

Guys don’t think I forgot about you. Dress up nice means no pant sagging to the ground. I want to say that is not cute get a belt and lift them up. A nice tie wont kill you either.  Nice dress shoes. You don’t have to do name brand products to look and feel good.  Nice shirt and pants. Make sure it goes good together. Something casual would be nice nothing too out of the ordinary.

I think I cover some of what I wanted to mention. If I miss anything please feel free to post a comment. Anything helpful to others. Enjoy your day

Shareka Williams
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