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Monday, January 23, 2012

pamper day

Good Morning Lovely People:

Come enjoy a nice cup of coffee with me and read this blog. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the good things that are happening in our lives. Not worrying about our daily stress and just enjoy the good things  that are happening. I use to worry bout a lot of things but letting go of most of what stress me out. You will feel much better about your self and less stress on the body is better for you. 

Have you thought about a pamper me day? I do them every Sunday. I usually try to do a facial mask like my shine fighter from mark and some nice meditation music to relax and enjoy the day. How many of your have a pamper day? If you don’t you should try to set some time. I love my pamper day. I usually pamper my skin, my toes ( like soaking and then my at home pedicure, little writing helps my stress, manicure helps me relax and I love changing my nail polish, relaxing bath or whatever you decide to do on this special day.

It don’t have to be a whole day if you don’t have the time to take the whole day. You can do one hour out of the day or whatever you can. Pampering yourself makes you feel like a whole new person , well until the next pamper day. Relax, get a massage and enjoy your time to yourself. Sounds good to me. Enjoy.

I of course incorporate mark im my pamper day and you should incorporate your favorite products in there too. Fun way to take your mind off things even if its for a little while. Pamper your skin and body. Taking care of your body will keep you in good health. Sit back relax and enjoy the relax time. If you have children I understand why it can be hard but whenever you get the children out the house that would be time to pamper.

Enjoy your pampering lovelies!!!

Shareka Williams
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