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Friday, January 20, 2012


Good Morning Lovelies!!

I hope that you have a great day filled with getting your hopes and dreams taken care of. Today I want to talk about moisturizers. How many of you use them? If so what do you use? Is it tinted?

Well I use tinted moisturizer from mark. It’s called get a tint moisturizer. It comes in different shades to match your skin tone ( which is one of the reasons why I love it). I love how much it covers like from discoloration, uneven skin color and acne.  To me I can use it as my foundation if I want to. It also been good to cover up dark circles under the eyes. Check out my mark site for reviews from customers that order it from mark. 

I must say that a little does goes along way. At least it does for me. I enjoy when doing my makeup for the day I get to use the get a tint.  It the one moisturizer that actually does put moisture into my skin when I use it. I can say so much and more about it.  Well go and check it out for youself.

Shareka Williams
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