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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Join Mark!

Good Morning!!!!

It going to be a great day. I know you all here me talk about what I love about being a rep. Have you thought about earning a little extra cash. Do you love makeup and fashion? Well you should join mark!!! It’s the best $20.00 I ever spend. For that price you get free website, 30% earnings and discounts, support from lovely team, and 80+ dollars in free mark product (your starter kit) I mean how could you say no to that.

Well I’m looking for awesome people like you to join my team and help you make your mark. Sign up at  use ref code 06547584.  I thinking of doing a little gift for those who sign up and make your first 30.00 order. Make sure you let me know when you join.

I hope to hear you join. If you do shoot me an email at Hope you are having a good day!

If you join you can use the email and I will give you tips and documents to help you get your start and if your local (saint louis) I can meet up and give you samples to help get started and co help your first party!!

Thanks for reading

Shareka Williams
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