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Saturday, January 14, 2012

hosting mark parties

Good Morning!!!

Who would like to party like a markstar? Okay now don’t look at this blog like that I will explain what I mean. I’m talking about hosting mark parties. It is a fun  way to learn about mark, test out products and get FREEBIES. I mean what more could a women ask for? Well I will tell you more.

At a mark party everyone get together at the host or rep’s house. When you first come in there is a nice layout of mark products which includes samples, products display , mags and much more. Also depending on the how many show up there are games to win free items. Most of the time you be entered into a raffle to win freebies just for coming. I normally also tell them they get free gift for ordering as well. I mean all these freebies how can you say no to coming.

If you thought about hosting your own party well let me tell you what you benefit from hosting your own party. First you a free gift for hosting and fun incentives that go up to earning on of your favorite mark items for free. Like if you had your eye on a purse well host a party could help you to get is discounted or free.

Fun games to get discount, freebie and have fun learning about what have to offer. Us rep spoil our customers and potential customer. I know I have fun looking at their faces or seeing emails thanking me for the freebies that they get and the excitement they get when they order.

If you notice on my blog page on the right hand side there is a tab called book parties now. If your local you can book your party with me and I will contact you on what you need to do in order to get you going and have fun doing so. If you not local don’t worry I do offer good online hosting packages.  Fun for everyone!!!

Fun way to have a girl’s night in, sweet sixteen party, bridal party, makeover party and much. Contact me if you live in the Saint Louis, Missouri area. I do offer online parties. Comment below or contact me through my site.

Shareka Williams
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