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Monday, January 09, 2012

Hello again Lovelies!!!

I hope that your enjoying your coffee while reading this and being careful not to spill.
I would like to talk about one product I can’t go without. I am in love with lip glosses!!!! I mean who isn’t. I love that it another one of my many go to when I’m on the go. I do love lipsticks but some other there as much as I love the colors they mess up in my purse or taste weird (not that I’m tasting it or anything). Some of them dry up and I don’t like that.

My current ones that I am using don’t have that problem and I still on the search for other brands that don’t have that problem too. Plus it will be fun to product review them all. Well the one from mark is the ones I love the most. I’m thinking of trying wet n wild and of course elf.

If you know of any other products please comment below with the links. I love to give it a proper review .

Mark have lip glosses called juice gems and they are great. I will post you a pic. They are not sticky when you put them on and they last (well until you eat or drink) and they are fun great flavors. It fun and cute with over glossing your lip. I don’t know about you but I don’t like too much gloss on. Lip gloss is my must have that I keep in my purse or clutch. 

I love the mark hookups. I love how I can mix my lip glosses, use eyeliner, mascara, and so much more. It easy to fit in purse or clutch and also easy to find when I put a lot of thing in there.  I love to be able to get to my products in my purse in a timely matter than to have to take everything out of it.

To see my favorite lipglosses/lipstick go to

Enjoy your day and don’t let anyone take your sunshine away!!!

Shareka Williams
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