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Monday, January 16, 2012


Good Morning to everyone in the world

I hope that your day is off to a good start and if not I hope that it will get better.  Today’s blog is going to be about foundation. I love how foundation could make your look. I am all about making the look more natural and the eyeshadow to make the look pop. I learn so much about makeup without being taught by my mom.  My mom wasn’t into makeup but she supported me in everything I do and also support my mark business as well.

I learn doing makeup on my own. I watch videos and read and practice on myself. Ok now back to what the topic is. I always seem to do that. Well  foundation is the key to your make up. It great for coverage and some have that blend well natural look. Now price wise I know that there are people willing to spend $50 + on their foundation thinking that the more you spend the better and that isn’t always true.

For me when it comes to looking for a foundation coverage is important. I want to make sure that is covering at least  90% to 95% of my face and neck. Then I look at reviews on different make up. It usually helps to make up my mind also price too. Then if I’m still undecided I make sure to get samples to try and figure what works best for me.

Tip 1: Make sure you check out reviews on products before buy. It helps to know if the product could be right for you.

Tip 2: Sample are your friend. It help to also try the product before you buy so you can know if you would like to buy that product. I know this one helped me many of times.

Tip 3: Ask questions to whoever your buying from. It helps in the final decision making on the product.

Tip 4: Don’t buy cause someone tells you to buy. You should buy it cause you would like to have it and not someone telling you to buy it. They can recommend but you are the only one to make that decision.I think that these tips can help you.

I do that with my mark customers when they ask me about foundation. I give them samples to try out and I follow up on if they have question about the product or would like to buy.

I like the mark natural powder buff. It was my first foundation that I ever tried and I love it.

I love the mark min a real as well. I use both and love how they make my skin look the natural look I was going for.  Check them out for the reviews. It you need sample feel free to contact me for some.

Shareka Williams

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