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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Good Morning!!!

I hope your enjoying your coffee or tea or whatever you use to help get up in the morning!! Thank you for reading my blogs. It means so much and I cant even begin to thank you.

Well today I want to talk about makeovers. I know that this is still that time of the year where people talk about making changes to them and haven’t done so yet or trying to find what they would like to do.

I been there before but I must say that’s where my mark business comes it. It give me a lot of ideas on looks I would like to create for myself and the makeup to go with it. Here are pics of things I got to create myself a new look.

Shareka Williams

Monday, January 30, 2012

last chance section

Good Morning!

I hope that your having a good day. I am enjoying my coffee and writing on here. I wanted to mention the last chance section of my mark site.  It is a good place to get items for 60% off or more.

We have really great products there and the price is for the taking. I mean who wouldn’t want to take those deals. They make great gifts for birthdays, valentine’s day, or any special occasion. How could you not want to check it out.

I hope you check it out

Shareka Williams

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Join Mark!

Good Morning!!!!

It going to be a great day. I know you all here me talk about what I love about being a rep. Have you thought about earning a little extra cash. Do you love makeup and fashion? Well you should join mark!!! It’s the best $20.00 I ever spend. For that price you get free website, 30% earnings and discounts, support from lovely team, and 80+ dollars in free mark product (your starter kit) I mean how could you say no to that.

Well I’m looking for awesome people like you to join my team and help you make your mark. Sign up at  use ref code 06547584.  I thinking of doing a little gift for those who sign up and make your first 30.00 order. Make sure you let me know when you join.

I hope to hear you join. If you do shoot me an email at Hope you are having a good day!

If you join you can use the email and I will give you tips and documents to help you get your start and if your local (saint louis) I can meet up and give you samples to help get started and co help your first party!!

Thanks for reading

Shareka Williams

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mark M.Powerment

Good morning

It’s going to be a great day whether the sun is shining or not. I am not going to be writing a short blog , well I am going to try not to. I wanting to write about the Mark M.Powerment. It is an important cause that Mark support. It help to spread awarness and putting the end to dating violence. 1 out of 4 women are a victim of dating violence around the ages of 16-24 even older. They usually are afraid to speak out and some ending in death. 

The Mark M.Powerment is here to help women empower their lives and not be a victim. I am a supporter of this cause and help women know that there are people who can help and they don’t have to be apart of violence and don’t have to be treated like that by anyone. They also show people what signs to look out for if a person is a victim and what you can do to do your part in helping someone and possibly saving someone’s life. To learn more about it. Check out my site at then go to the mark empowerment section.

We have items there that if you order 100% of the sales goes toward the cause. So if you can help out please do and also share with everyone.

Thank you for your time.

Shareka Williams

Friday, January 27, 2012

Good morning!!!

Good morning!!!!!

We are going back to our regularly scheduled blogs. My originally usb port that had my blogs I write ahead of time so I lost them and I cant remember what I written. I am going to do my best to get back on track with them.

I am so bummed about it but I am going to do what I have to do to continue to do them everyday until I get a new working usb disk. So bare with me while I get on track and preparing for giveaways I would like to do in the future.

I am also wanting to build more followers on my blog so I can get the giveaway more. My first upcoming one will be a simple one to do. I will be posting that one soon.

So I am going to end this here. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Shareka Williams

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

healthier lifestyle

Good Day Everyone!!!

I am going to be positive this year and it’s been getting better for me. I encourage you all to try it. It isn’t easy but I been trying my best and it been working out. I feel like I talk about skincare and pampering but I haven’t talk much about the outer you.

I been in the mood to work out. It maintain a healthier lifestyle and get into shape. I know if your like me there is something about you that you don’t like and would like to change. I want to say that I don’t want to work out to lose weight I want to do it to get into shape and eat healthy

As of today I am not going to have much junk food. I’m eliminating candy completely. Also watching what type of chips I get. There are chips that are less fat and naturally organic. I have been into salads, fruits and veggies lately which is a very good place I want to start.

Feeling good inside and out will be best for me. I feel that working out for me will put me in better mood and feel motivated to achieve my goals that I want to accomplish this year. So what are your goals that you want to accomplish? I have so many that I want to do. I think I will do the ones that I can get out the way first well the easy ones.

You don’t have to work out to feel good about yourself. You can help others or donate to charities. Do what makes YOU feel happy and feel good. I just wanted to share some of the things I would like to do. Comment below some thing that would make you happy. I am curious.

Shareka Williams

Monday, January 23, 2012

pamper day

Good Morning Lovely People:

Come enjoy a nice cup of coffee with me and read this blog. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the good things that are happening in our lives. Not worrying about our daily stress and just enjoy the good things  that are happening. I use to worry bout a lot of things but letting go of most of what stress me out. You will feel much better about your self and less stress on the body is better for you. 

Have you thought about a pamper me day? I do them every Sunday. I usually try to do a facial mask like my shine fighter from mark and some nice meditation music to relax and enjoy the day. How many of your have a pamper day? If you don’t you should try to set some time. I love my pamper day. I usually pamper my skin, my toes ( like soaking and then my at home pedicure, little writing helps my stress, manicure helps me relax and I love changing my nail polish, relaxing bath or whatever you decide to do on this special day.

It don’t have to be a whole day if you don’t have the time to take the whole day. You can do one hour out of the day or whatever you can. Pampering yourself makes you feel like a whole new person , well until the next pamper day. Relax, get a massage and enjoy your time to yourself. Sounds good to me. Enjoy.

I of course incorporate mark im my pamper day and you should incorporate your favorite products in there too. Fun way to take your mind off things even if its for a little while. Pamper your skin and body. Taking care of your body will keep you in good health. Sit back relax and enjoy the relax time. If you have children I understand why it can be hard but whenever you get the children out the house that would be time to pamper.

Enjoy your pampering lovelies!!!

Shareka Williams

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Q & A

Good Morning Everyone!!!

I must say that I am once again so happy to be writing here on my blog once again. It feels great to know that people are reading it and gotten few people to follow my blog. I appreciate everyone of you and hope that you continue to read these blogs and put your input in. I value your input. If you want to see something on here please feel free to let me know.

I am going to do a Q & A blog so here below ask me question about me, my business, youtube, and my blog. I would like for you to get to know me and learn more about what I do and why I write on here so feel free to ask away. I must say too personal questions wont be answer.

You can also email me here :  Once I get enough question I will be posting it in a future blog so be on the look out. Also giveaway will be announce soon.

Shareka Williams

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Good Morning!!

I am excited to mention this to you all. As you know Prom season is coming up and it is an exciting time for me. It’s a way to make my mark in the world.

I giving makeup consultation (free of charge). I meet up with the young lady. See what her dress is and what kind of look she is going for then recommend products. Then from there we will work on price and I will begin to plan her date and time to do her makeup for her prom. I believe that she will keep the products in return. 

These are some brainstorming ideas that I came up with to help spread my business plus I would love to make my way in the makeup artist world though I am not a professional.

I also have a class that I am starting for beginners that need help in getting starting. I think that helping them in person rather than youtube all the time is better. If you interested in learning more about the class and in the Saint Louis, Missouri area them comment below or email me at for more info on how to get it.

It not too expensive only $12 for two hours and you leave with sample and info to help get you started.

More details on that another time. It going to be prom season and time to either help with makeovers or offer great products package at affordable prices. I can’t wait.

Shareka Williams

Friday, January 20, 2012


Good Morning Lovelies!!

I hope that you have a great day filled with getting your hopes and dreams taken care of. Today I want to talk about moisturizers. How many of you use them? If so what do you use? Is it tinted?

Well I use tinted moisturizer from mark. It’s called get a tint moisturizer. It comes in different shades to match your skin tone ( which is one of the reasons why I love it). I love how much it covers like from discoloration, uneven skin color and acne.  To me I can use it as my foundation if I want to. It also been good to cover up dark circles under the eyes. Check out my mark site for reviews from customers that order it from mark. 

I must say that a little does goes along way. At least it does for me. I enjoy when doing my makeup for the day I get to use the get a tint.  It the one moisturizer that actually does put moisture into my skin when I use it. I can say so much and more about it.  Well go and check it out for youself.

Shareka Williams

Thursday, January 19, 2012

short blog

Good morning !!

This is going to be a short blog. I just wanted to say good morning and I hope your day is going great. Mines not so much. I got to redo my blogs that I had in advance over and the my usb port drive don’t want to work so I had to revert to floppy. Smh oh well. If you seen this then it worked. Go check out the lastest mark video.  It will be posted below. Check out the mark goodies on my site

Shareka Williams

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Good Morning!!!

It’s going to be a great day!!!  I like keeping myself in a good mood. Today  I would like to talk about primers. Primers are good to have cause they keep your makeup on all day.  I love them especially eye primer cause it shows my eye shadows true color and last through out the whole day which I love. Below is the primers mark have and they are the ones I currently use.

Please hold the eye primer. I use this in every youtube tutorial and when I do my makeup for fun. I love how it enhances my look and I know that I protecting my look to last longer. Using primer was the best choice I made and mark primers are very affordable. 

Primed to perfection is our face primer. It is great at holding up the foundation , and blush that you put on. Definitely long lasting as well. I would say that they both are a must have to keep. 

If you never been using  primer before your missing out. I really suggest that you have primer to set your makeup up right.

I do offer makeup lessons for beginners email me for info at

Check out primers and more on my site here

Shareka Williams

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

amazing deals

LIMITED TIME OFFERS!! Get these amazing deals now through Thursday, through me directly, not available online! email me here with order with Paypal info


Hello Everyone!

I enjoy writing on here so much. It fun to get my writing skills back to work. They are still are a little rusty but if I keep at it I will get better.


I don’t know about you but I am in love with eyeshadows. I love mark Imarks. They are so fun to create looks with. I love how I can customize them with the cases that mark have and at affordable prices. I do have the natural eye palette from elf and I do love it but I been into mark way before elf.

I do love the Imark metallics. They are awesome and easy to use for blending colors together.  My only problem is picking out which ones I would like to get at that time. So hard to choose.

I am a big fan of eyeshadows. It the part of the look that bring it all together. You can go from basic to wow. Mark has them at reasonable price. Us mark reps offer fun deals that you can save some money from ordering through us or check out online for the shades and the reviews on how they are. Don’t just take my word for it. I will be happy to assist you in your mark question needs.

Attached to this blog would be pics of the eyeshadows from mark as well as the palatte. Check more out at my site. Email me at if you have any questions or would like to learn more about my current discounts.

Thanks for reading and positive message for the day. Don’t  let the bad things get you down. It don’t be bad for long. Keep your head up and work hard to achieve your goals.

Shareka Williams

Monday, January 16, 2012


Good Morning to everyone in the world

I hope that your day is off to a good start and if not I hope that it will get better.  Today’s blog is going to be about foundation. I love how foundation could make your look. I am all about making the look more natural and the eyeshadow to make the look pop. I learn so much about makeup without being taught by my mom.  My mom wasn’t into makeup but she supported me in everything I do and also support my mark business as well.

I learn doing makeup on my own. I watch videos and read and practice on myself. Ok now back to what the topic is. I always seem to do that. Well  foundation is the key to your make up. It great for coverage and some have that blend well natural look. Now price wise I know that there are people willing to spend $50 + on their foundation thinking that the more you spend the better and that isn’t always true.

For me when it comes to looking for a foundation coverage is important. I want to make sure that is covering at least  90% to 95% of my face and neck. Then I look at reviews on different make up. It usually helps to make up my mind also price too. Then if I’m still undecided I make sure to get samples to try and figure what works best for me.

Tip 1: Make sure you check out reviews on products before buy. It helps to know if the product could be right for you.

Tip 2: Sample are your friend. It help to also try the product before you buy so you can know if you would like to buy that product. I know this one helped me many of times.

Tip 3: Ask questions to whoever your buying from. It helps in the final decision making on the product.

Tip 4: Don’t buy cause someone tells you to buy. You should buy it cause you would like to have it and not someone telling you to buy it. They can recommend but you are the only one to make that decision.I think that these tips can help you.

I do that with my mark customers when they ask me about foundation. I give them samples to try out and I follow up on if they have question about the product or would like to buy.

I like the mark natural powder buff. It was my first foundation that I ever tried and I love it.

I love the mark min a real as well. I use both and love how they make my skin look the natural look I was going for.  Check them out for the reviews. It you need sample feel free to contact me for some.

Shareka Williams

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Don't miss out on this: makeup 101 -

Don't miss out on this: makeup 101 -

valentine’s series on my youtube channel

Hello Lovely People,

I cant tell you how much I appreciate you all on here. I want to let you know that on my youtube channel ( ) I will be doing a valentine’s series which includes looks, dating tips, outfits of the night and lovely mark gifts that would be great for that special day.

By the time your reading this I may have starting uploading the videos on there be sure to check them out and subscribe. I will be doing a giveaway once I get to 100 subscribers. I am also preparing the giveaway that I will be having on here. I am just going to be writing down the rules and everything and will be posting on here. Be sure to be on the look out on here and my youtube for giveaways!!!!

Im excited for what’s to come on this blog and my youtube channel. I hope you all are here to take the journey with me!!

Shareka Williams

Saturday, January 14, 2012

hosting mark parties

Good Morning!!!

Who would like to party like a markstar? Okay now don’t look at this blog like that I will explain what I mean. I’m talking about hosting mark parties. It is a fun  way to learn about mark, test out products and get FREEBIES. I mean what more could a women ask for? Well I will tell you more.

At a mark party everyone get together at the host or rep’s house. When you first come in there is a nice layout of mark products which includes samples, products display , mags and much more. Also depending on the how many show up there are games to win free items. Most of the time you be entered into a raffle to win freebies just for coming. I normally also tell them they get free gift for ordering as well. I mean all these freebies how can you say no to coming.

If you thought about hosting your own party well let me tell you what you benefit from hosting your own party. First you a free gift for hosting and fun incentives that go up to earning on of your favorite mark items for free. Like if you had your eye on a purse well host a party could help you to get is discounted or free.

Fun games to get discount, freebie and have fun learning about what have to offer. Us rep spoil our customers and potential customer. I know I have fun looking at their faces or seeing emails thanking me for the freebies that they get and the excitement they get when they order.

If you notice on my blog page on the right hand side there is a tab called book parties now. If your local you can book your party with me and I will contact you on what you need to do in order to get you going and have fun doing so. If you not local don’t worry I do offer good online hosting packages.  Fun for everyone!!!

Fun way to have a girl’s night in, sweet sixteen party, bridal party, makeover party and much. Contact me if you live in the Saint Louis, Missouri area. I do offer online parties. Comment below or contact me through my site.

Shareka Williams

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lovely People!!!

Hey Lovely People!!!

I hope that your enjoying the good morning like I am doing. I am doing a product review of the Wet n Wild Eye Makeup Remover. I have to say that it is a really good product to use. I do recommend it especially  for my eyeliner and mascara which is the reason why I got the product in the first place.

I have to say that the product doesn’t have a strong smell so I could actually tolerate using it. You use it with a cotton ball and sweep over the eyes until the makeup is off. I recommend it. The price is right to get it.

I give it an A. Even though it isn’t the make it go away wipes from mark, I would say it a good backup makeup. I like how a little goes along way when using this product. So I definitely would get it.

I see mine lasting a long time cause like I mention before it don’t take much to use the product. I love the Wet n Wild collection anyway and it being the first time using this product I do recommend it as a back up when your eye makeup wont come off with regular remover you been using.

I hope you enjoy this short  review. If you want me to review or if you have a product for me to review you can email me here or comment below.

Enjoy your day

Shareka Williams

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Morning everyone!!!

Good to the Morning everyone!!!

I woke up feeling happy to wake up everyday. Did you? Well I hope you did. I enjoy talking well writing to you my thought and opinions from you. I have to write brief about me since I didn’t do so in the first place. I’m sorry for that.

Well as you know my name is Shareka Williams. I do have a middle name. I don’t use it much so I don’t tell a lot of people. I work as mark rep since 2008. I really got into working hard on it last year and it paid off. I am shy at first when meeting people but I am easy to get along with. I enjoy meeting new people and finding out what we have in common.

I am not going to get to personal in my life but I was born March 1, 1984. I am the youngest sibling and my favorite color is purple. I do love makeup and sometimes getting glam up but I am a jeans or sweats kind of woman. I like the laid back look. I do like the no makeup look at times too but with working for mark its hard to not want to wear it at time.

I am good at giving out advice though I am not a professional I give my opinion when ask. I am into old school music ( Isley brothers, The temptations , Marvin Gaye and much more).  I am a book reader. I practically have my own library and I love getting more books.

I get along with everyone who get along with me. I give people a chance and get to know them before making my opinion about them. If there is an issue between two people I get both sides of the story before drawing a conclusion. I love my job of being a mark rep. I am great at helping people and a very good listener.

Well that’s all I will talk about for now. If you want to know more comment your questions and I will put them in a future blog.

Love & Lipgloss

Shareka Williams

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

gift baskets!!!

Good Morning!

I’m on my second cup and ready to begin my day but I wanted to write on here. I am loving writing to you all. I hope you all are enjoying your morning as well. What I want to write about is how many of you like gift baskets!! I know I do. I really into getting  them. I have been thinking about making them for my mark business. How many of you would be interested in that?

I been thinking about doing it but if I get enough people interested in them I  just might. They would be perfect for holidays , birthdays, just cause, Valentine’s day and more. I mean who wouldn’t  love this idea. I think I might just convince myself to do this. Hmm…. I would love some opinions on this. If I were to do this what would you like to see and what do you think the reasonable price would be.

There will be skincare , bath and body,  makeup, and more. I thinking of doing it as create your own. You can customize your own baskets. Be on the look out if your interested in them. Please let me know what you think about this.

Positvie Message  Enjoy everyday and every moment of your life. Don’t waste time on negative things and people. You are a wonderful person and don’t let things get you down your too blessed to let things mess your day up.

Shareka Williams

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Preparing and planning for Valentines day!!

Hello Lovely people!!!!

You know what time of the year it is? Preparing and planning for Valentines day!! Do you plan you romantic day early or do you wait til the last minute to plan? What kind of things you like do do?

If your short on cash or have a certain budget your trying to attain well keep reading. I have some ideas that may help say some cash or stay on the budget that your looking for

Disclaimer: these are my opinions and ideas. Suggestions that if you don’t know what to do could help you get some idea.

Whether your doing a special night out or at home you can still make it affordable. I suggest that is you going to go out check out the local restaurants that are offering good deals and book early cause places like that fill up quick around that time of year. Make sure it on the budget. Also make sure they got good reviews. You don’t want to go to a place and the foods not up to the expectations.

If you stay at home you can make it creative. You can got get nice candle (at a dollar store. Trust me they are just as good). Find a easy to make recipe online (Betty crocker is good) to look like you went to the expense place. You can make it worth having the night in. You can make a nice simple meal too that way you can have time to put on that sexy outfit and makeup.

Guys (if there are some reading this) you can make a nice meal and romantic movie. Don’t leave it up to the women to do all the work. You can surprise her with her favorite activity or meal. Whatever you want to do to make it special.

I would say that it comes with the day. You don’t necessarily have to but some people require it to happen. I would say generate a list so that your not guessing and getting the wrong thing and ruining a good night. Ladies usually hint around before time of what they would like. Guys usually are hard but ladies find a why to get what the guy would like. Guys be on the look out for any signs of what she may or may not like. Don’t pick anything you would like unless your going to Victoria Secret but make sure she would enjoy it too. Don’t be selfish now. Ladies don’t just pick anything. Pick something that is meaningful and would be something he wont just break later on. Most women love bath and body things if you don’t want to go to the actually place check out my mark site. We got good products and reasonable prices (  Simple card will do too. Make sure it meaningful people. That is important.

That’s important. You don’t want to look like anything. You also don’t have to dress in the Valentine’s colors either. I don’t know about you but it can be annoying. You don’t have to color code and dress the same. Keep it simple. If it’s a cold night guy wear something that requires a jacket so you can do the gentlemen thing at the end of the date. Ladies you don’t have to wear less to impress. Cover yourself up. Its okay to show a little bit but you don’t have to give them the whole show. There are plenty of sexy looks out there that will drive him wild. My mark site, ,   I know that have some really great dresses that would be hot to wear for you special night out. 

Guys don’t think I forgot about you. Dress up nice means no pant sagging to the ground. I want to say that is not cute get a belt and lift them up. A nice tie wont kill you either.  Nice dress shoes. You don’t have to do name brand products to look and feel good.  Nice shirt and pants. Make sure it goes good together. Something casual would be nice nothing too out of the ordinary.

I think I cover some of what I wanted to mention. If I miss anything please feel free to post a comment. Anything helpful to others. Enjoy your day

Shareka Williams

Monday, January 09, 2012

Hello again Lovelies!!!

I hope that your enjoying your coffee while reading this and being careful not to spill.
I would like to talk about one product I can’t go without. I am in love with lip glosses!!!! I mean who isn’t. I love that it another one of my many go to when I’m on the go. I do love lipsticks but some other there as much as I love the colors they mess up in my purse or taste weird (not that I’m tasting it or anything). Some of them dry up and I don’t like that.

My current ones that I am using don’t have that problem and I still on the search for other brands that don’t have that problem too. Plus it will be fun to product review them all. Well the one from mark is the ones I love the most. I’m thinking of trying wet n wild and of course elf.

If you know of any other products please comment below with the links. I love to give it a proper review .

Mark have lip glosses called juice gems and they are great. I will post you a pic. They are not sticky when you put them on and they last (well until you eat or drink) and they are fun great flavors. It fun and cute with over glossing your lip. I don’t know about you but I don’t like too much gloss on. Lip gloss is my must have that I keep in my purse or clutch. 

I love the mark hookups. I love how I can mix my lip glosses, use eyeliner, mascara, and so much more. It easy to fit in purse or clutch and also easy to find when I put a lot of thing in there.  I love to be able to get to my products in my purse in a timely matter than to have to take everything out of it.

To see my favorite lipglosses/lipstick go to

Enjoy your day and don’t let anyone take your sunshine away!!!

Shareka Williams

Sunday, January 08, 2012



It going to be a happy day and if your not having one I hope that is gets better. This entry I am writing because it’s the new year I thought that I should write about being positive. I know some of you might be thinking. You can’t be positive all the time. Well this is true, but I think that not letting every little bad thing or things get you down and look at the fact that just cause it bad not doesn’t mean that it will stay that way. I mean I don’t have a lot of thing good happening in my life but I don’t let it get me down and stay sad cause of it. 

I learn to work through it and be around people who aren’t so negative all the time. I know that hanging around negative people make me feel the same way and know that it wont get better. I don’t like being negative. I turns me into a person I am not liking. I learn that happiness is a choice and choosing to be happy despite how things are. I been watching this youtube channel ( )  and also their other channels which are listed on their channel page. The motivation to choose to be happy isn’t always easy when things don’t seem to go as planned but to be positive that things will get better has always helped me to look on the bright side and know that everything is going to be okay.

I wanted you all to know that being positive isn’t always hard but keep saying to yourself that things will get better and everything will be okay. Being the new year and it usually the time where people want to make changes and do or be different than they were last year. I know I am making changes in my life and for my business and I know that this year is going to be a great year to start the serious changes and I would like to achieve things I would like in life.

I would like everyone to have a good and successful year in everything you do cause you deserve it. If your into prayer it helps. It may not be right when you want it it right on time when its needed. I would love to have motivate someone. It feels good to have a positive effect on someone. It makes you want to keep doing it.

I hope that you all try to look on the bright side when things aren’t so good. Remember this there are people out there that have it worse. Count your blessings that you have what you have cause like it mention there are people out there that don’t have it. I count my blessings everyday.

Shareka Williams

Saturday, January 07, 2012

minimal makeup look

Good Morning Lovelies,

I hope your enjoying your morning coffee like I am. I hope you also enjoyed my last blog. Feel free to comment if you have any ideas for future blogs. I enjoy reading them. Today’s blog is about Natural look. You can achieve that natural look with makeup. I am sure you all know that. Duh!!! I am really just talking about that minimal makeup look. I know if your anything like me you have those days where you just don’t feel like taking the time to really get your glam on. I know I get like that most days. So when you get like that mood, what do you use for your minimal makeup?

When I have those kind of day I focus on natural coverup. I have acne spots (which now are clearing) that I like to cover to make it less visible and still look natural the way I would like it. I use a tinted moisturizer ( get close to my shade for it to work) from mark in the shade almond.  Then concealer from mark in medium to dark. I do use lip gloss as well, light on the color. Some times I get the eye shadows in the neutral colors but that is depending on if I am feeling in the mood for it.

I enjoy the feel of not having to put on makeup, even though I love the looks I create with it. I just get in one of those days where I just want to just be without or look like I am without. It good for the relax days. I also like to add a little lash all you want mascara from mark to fully lengthen my lashes. I like to make them look kind of natural. I been into the natural looks especially since the fall and winter hit. Some of the time I just want to do the get up and go look.

Trying out different type of products like elf and mark, with wet n wild is good to help me get to where I would like to be. Fun products at a reasonable price is also what I look for even though there are a lot of brands out there I like. To name a few would be MAC, Sephora, Ulta, Too Faced and much more. I am going to get a chance to try out their products one day.

I just like to thank you all for reading this and I am happy to be writing on here again. Stay tuned for a sample giveaway. It will be announce sometime in the near future.

Have a great day and remember to make yourself happy first and everything else will work out in time.

Shareka Williams

Friday, January 06, 2012


Good Morning everyone!!!

I can tell it’s going to be a great day. You know why? Cause I am going to make it that way. Remember don’t let anyone ruin your day no matter what. That is what my motto is for the New Year. I don’t want to let anyone mess my happiness or the things I want to accomplish in life because they are not getting things done.

Today’s blog is a product review of a product that I gotten in the mail for free. I won it and I thought that I would trying it out and do a review for you lovely people. I get excited to tryout new products and do review.

Disclaimer: I want to let everyone know that I wasn’t paid to do this and that it is from my own opinion and I tested it out cause I wanted to try it out.

The name of the product is from a brand called Juice Beauty. It is a naturally organic product. It is a Green Apple peel for sensitive skin. When I got it I was like wow cool product since I like products that are all natural and not harmful on my skin since it don’t take much for it to happen. Anyway when I open it up I was in love with the smell. It not too strong and really does smell like apples. Like putting dessert on your face. This product is used to help reduce breakouts, discolorations and fine lines. It also heals while hydrating. This product is only to be used at least twice a week. With the smell its hard to only use it twice.

I am giving you my personal opinion and not the opinion of someone who sells the product. I don’t want to be that person. I don’t force anyone to try something they don’t want or buy.

I think that you should check out the juice beauty product line. My opinion of the Green apple peel for sensitive skin is I  love it and would consider buying it. I am going to continue to use what I have first. Check it out and more of the Juice Beauty online at  So far I would rate this product to be a B+. In my opinion ( which i’m usually a hard grader) is pretty good. So go check it out.  Thank you for reading up on my first official product review on here. There will be more of them so keep a look out. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to make your mark!!!

Shareka Williams

Thursday, January 05, 2012

check it out

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Gooooood Morning!!!!!

Gooooood Morning!!!!!

Good day to do a blog if I do say so myself. Today I wanted to do a mark product spotlight!!!! Today’s  product or should I say products would be Skincare. I love the products. I been using them for almost a year. I have oily skin which is also sensitive skin as well. The products are real fruit extracts. I definitely recommend checking the ingredients before making a purchase if your allergic to something. Mark has products for every skin type.

Every rep ( including me) has a skincare guide booklet to help potential customer or help anyone gain knowledge of what mark skincare products and what they contain. I only recommend a product if its related to a skin care issue your having. I love how refresh my skin feels when using the products.

The most important thing to do at this time of the year is to take care of our skin. In the winter our skin needs the most tender loving care cause it get dry. I know mine cause get extremely dry if not taken care of properly. I also being doing a skincare regimen. Having a skincare regimen help in fighting and protecting your skin in the harsh winter weather. I know you don’t want to have peeling skin and red spots.

I know that my acne is the worse this time of the year. I been on the mark skincare treatment for almost a year ( will be one year in March). I notice my acne is going away and my natural skin tone is showing up. I loving the results. Products I used are: That’s Deep purifying gel cleanser, Help Wanted Anti Acne Exfoliating cleanser, Matte chance mattfying lotion and the Shine fighter oil control facial mask. I use the twice a day ( Shine fighter three times a week as the tube mentions it).  I would definitely like to mention results vary from person to person. They are definitely for people of different skin types. Mark have them separately section on their site base on their purpose. Go check it out for yourself.

if you order don’t forget use code welcome to get free shipping.

If you have any questions please comment below with email and I will get back to you as soon as I get them.

That’s all lovelies
Shareka Williams

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Good Morning!!!!

I hope your morning is going off to a really good start. Hello to any new followers that have been added since my last blog. I am really enjoying getting back to my writing even if it just doing blogs!!! I love to write my blogs. I hope you all enjoyed reading yesterdays blogs . I got so much to write in future blogs. Aren’t you excited for what’s to come? I know that I am.

I am doing a product review later this week round Thursday or Friday. I am also excited about posting my first giveaway here (my first new years giveaway)!!!!!!

Be sure to keep looking out for the giveaway and how you can enter and win. I am in the works on getting a few other upcoming giveaways as well. I am going to work hard to be organized with upcoming giveaways and much more.

Hang in there while I’m getting things together on this blog. I am trying to work on it. New year new and wonderful things you get to see on here.  I am going to be looking for sponsors in future giveaways. I hope you all are looking forward to whats going to come in future blogs. So sit back and enjoy!!! 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hello lovelies.

I want to thank everyone who is following my blog. I am making a promise for the new year that I will be writing on here more and more. There will be contests, giveaways, product reviews and much much more.

Product reviews will be about different products that I get in the mail with great detail. I will be giving my honest opinion on whether I like it or not. There will be few mark products as well.

Giveaways will be based on what I think I would like to give to you all. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t. there will be detail on the videos as well and who knows an extra chance to get another entry in future giveaways!!!!

I just wanted to say that you all rock and thanks for keeping me encourage to do what I love to do.

There will be more pictures. There will be step by step written out tutorials on how I created my looks. Be on the look out of that.

I am going to try to write by blog enteries day by day early to make sure that I post on here at a timely matter.

Again I am hoping you enjoy what’s to come in future blogs!!! I appreciate everyone of you. Thanks

Shareka Williams
Mark Rep.

Monday, January 02, 2012

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