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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Welcome Back Me!!!!!

Hello I didnt realize that I had this blog but I am going to be using this for my mark business. I am a mark rep. I have been since 2008 and I love every moment of it. It a great way to meet people and I met alot of new friends and also alot of mark rep family. 

Mark has the greatest affordable makeup , skin care, hair care, clothing and accessories. Look great without spending a whole lot of money.  I am fairly easy rep to work with. I usally offer great deals for new customer who order through me and have great party gift for those who host a party.

see for yourself check out my mark site and also sign up for mark emails.

I got a contest going on for those who order will be enter to win the ibiza sol collection set . i will be posting on here letting you know about upcoming contest and deals. Also today deals of the day is the mark fierce fedora hat. great for the summer and going out and having a great time. It also has three interchangeable bands only 16 dollars. so worth the price. check out my site today.


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