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Monday, January 23, 2006

me updating

this week has been going good. i got more hours and i will be doing it all over again next week. its getting close to my mom's birthday and i have so many things that i want to get for her but she will notice some of the things that i want to get her. i have to come up with a plan to find something that i can easily hide so she wont know. hopefully i can keep it from her.
my birthday is in march and i have no clue on what i want to do beside trying to get drunk. that is what the weekend plans to do for my birthday. i want to get my friends together and do something like maybe go out to eat i dont know. i am not going to worry about it. well atleast until february which is coming around soon. right now i am thinking about the weekend and spend it resting up for a long week of work i am so happy. well i think that is all i wanted to say right now i will update againg soon. i still talk wit h andrew. things are great. we are not together. he has a girlfriend. long story but we work that out and we are still talking. i been a my job for over a year. its almost a year and a month. well gotta.