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Monday, June 20, 2005


This is the start of something good for me. I know that for some of you who did not read my last entry I am starting a new me. That means that I am finally starting to do things for me. I am emailing Andrew alot. He said that he got me something but he wont tell me. So now I am hinting around to him to find out what it is. No luck yet but I will find out.
Work is going good. My hours got cut a little but it won't do any damage to me. I still love what I do so much. The people are nice.
My friend Latoya called me yesterday and ask me how Sam was doing and I told her that I haven't talk to him and I dont call him either. I thinks that she gets it. I have not told her the whole story but she knows that Andrew and I are talking and emailing each other. As for my other friends and you know who you are. I will be getting around to talking or emailing you. There is a person who has an od who writes me notes and stuff I just want to say that I will take that offer and email you to vent out. Thanks for reading all my entries.
I still am planing for when I get my own place. It is going to take longer than I thought but I am going to achieve what I have been planing to do. I think that is all that I wanted to say for right now. If I have forgotten anything (which is what I do at times) I am so sorry. I have more emails that I have to do so I will write in my diary when I can which will be Wednesday. bye for now.
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