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Monday, April 11, 2005

my first blog

this is the first time i am using this. this is my second online diary. my other one is opendiary. look under candy_girl23

in order for you to know more about me i suggest that you read my other diary. well today is my day off work and it is going okay. i been having a lot on my mind and i dont know how to express how i am feeling. i did not realized it until recently that i am trying to do so much in so little time. i dont know how to change the way i been doing things but i will once i get things undercontrol. i been trying to save money for my own place. i know that i can do it once i finish paying mom what i owe her i know i can save even more. i dont know exactly when i am going to move but i will have to just wait and see how that goes. well that is alll that i want to say on this entry well gotta go.
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